Sin título (continuación)

There were no words to describe the feeling.

Christine couldn’t take her eyes off of the picture. There’s was no shame, no fear, no regret. She had to do it and she was glad. Zachary didn’t understand because Zachary had never suffer what she did. She closed her eyes wide shut and press the picture on her chest.

“Who’s next?” she kept repeating herself “who’s next?”

Christine took a deep breathe and gave the picture one last glance. She got up, and took a pin from a little box on her nightstand, put it in her pocket along with the photo and headed towards the attic.

The attic was her secret hideout. Well, not that secret but she love the idea of no one knowing even though that was not true. Christine knew her father never went up there since his knees were too damage to climb up the stairs, so she took advantage of this to claim the attic as hers. She walked to the end of the hall on the second floor of his three-bedroom house and grab the fucking too-short chain that hang from the attic door up on the ceiling and pulled. Stairs came from up above and let Christine climb to the attic.

It was dark, as usual.

The smell was awful since she had to close the little window because of the cold outside and she hadn’t had the chance to come to her sacred place due to no excuse to do it. Until now.

Once she was up there, she blindly look for the chain to turn the lights up. Of course there was no much light in the fist place since it was 10:30 pm., but finally the room lit up. She looked around and she made sure that everything was where she left it. “ok, no one’s been here” she told to herself. Christine was relieved. She walked towards a wooden board on the and smiled. There were little cutouts with names in white papers all pinned-down on the wooden board. She took the pin and the photo out of her pocket and pinned it under the name “Jessie”.

Christine smiled again. “There’s something missing”. She looked around searching for a blank piece of paper and a marker, almost desperate. “Oh, yes”. She took a red marker and wrote on the sheet: “My Little Wall of Revenge”. She pinned it in the upper part of the wooden wall and thought once more “yes”. She delighted on the feeling and added “perfect”.

She stared a little more at the picture. “I still can’t believe it, Jessie, you look wonderful” she caressed the photo with two of her fingertips “i think that Zachary is going to have to outdo himself, because I cannot see any detail that could be improved.” There was a pause. Christine took a deep breathe and finally said “Jessie, I warned you I was gonna get even”.


~ por Piwita en noviembre 19, 2012.


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