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Christine turned away from the picture.

“Yes. Barbaric.” – she reapeated whispering, this time with a delightful echoe in her head.

“Listen, I wasn’t really sure if you wanted proof, but…” – Zachary hesitated – “you know, I had to make sure that you were convinced that he was dead, otherwise you might’ve reneged to pay my fee”.

Christine was not listening, not anymore. She suddenly found herself in a quiet dark room, yes, having one of her realistic and annoying flashbacks.

She was sitting in a wooden chair, she could feel it. Her eyes were closed and the place was dark. Yet she could see perfectly every detail of the room. It smelled dark and red, like rotten flowers on the floor. She could hear him come. The sound of his boots echoed on that filthy piece of rotten shit people dared to call walls. Those things stop being walls a long time ago.

Christine opened her eyes. Darkness filled up her mind. She felt her hands tied up and she felt the gag on her mouth. His boots kept echoing throughout the room.

“Are you listening to me, Christine?” – Zachary asked – “Are you even awake? Christine.” – Zachary looked at her amusingly. She was under some sort of spell. Eyes and mouth wide open and she was barely breathing. Zachary was loosing patience so he took Christine’s shoulders and shook her “Hey, Christine! What the hell is wrong with you? Listen, I really have to go. Is getting late and my mom’s gonna freak if i’m not home by the time she comes back.”

Zachary shook her once again “goddam it, Christine, wake the hell up”.

“Stop it, Zach!” – Christine yelled – “Are you crazy?”

“I’m sorry, dude, you were like catathonic”

“What? I’m sure you don’t even know what that word means” – Christine walked towards her closet a took a little box from her drawer. She grabbed two one hundred bills and put back the box.

“I’m not dumb, you know. I know things, my grandma is in a mental hospital because she went all catathonic when my aunt Florence died.” – Zachary said as Christine handed him the money.

“Thank you, Zachary” – Christine smiled when she remembered the picture. There was something awesome about it. – “Listen, before you go” – Christine said as Zachary climbed outside through the window – “tell me: how did it felt? Did it feel warm?”

“Warm?” – Zachary asked disturbed. He paused for what it felt like a whole hour trying to erase from his head the mental picture he was taking home as a souvenir. – “It was the single most terrifying thing i have ever done, and I’m glad you won’t be needing my services anymore.”

He climb down to the first floor quietly so Christine’s father wouldn’t hear him leave. God knows that the last thing he wanted to do was to disturb Mr. Waters in his own home.

Christine looked at Zachary until his siluette was lost at the end of the street and thought with her particular evilish smile “who said I wasn’t gonna require your services anymore?”.


~ por Piwita en noviembre 18, 2012.


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